Sunday, July 31, 2011

Post Production Editing by

Post Production editing is where you bring all the raw materials together like the video, audio,
text, titles and then doing two things with it. First, selecting the scenes you want to use in your final
program and second in the editing process, is arranging the order and timing of those scenes to form
a complete story. Editing in short is cutting out the boring stuff and bringing in enjoyment and interest
in the story.

Post production editing is an art and needs to be done carefully else you may land up messing the
entire story thus choosing the right editor is important. Recent days with animation and High definition
technology coming in market 3D post production editing and HD post production editing has
become a necessity which requires additional skill and expertise too.

3D Post Production Editing and HD post production editing are two forms of post-production editing.
In 3D Post Production Editing once the story enters in to post-production stage. Various scenes
or sequences are put in to post-production software and synchronized with music and voice over.
Additional effects are also put at the same time because they typically consume so much time and
resources in their 3D application.

Advanced post-production techniques give flexibility for colour corrections, motion tracking, and
many other options. In HD Post Production Editing, the film editor always needs to consider the
dialogue, images, story, and equal distribution of the film when they work. This process is complex as
the images are presented in an unexpected manner. Different techniques are used to give a fine and
high quality visibility.

With the advances HD and 3D technology and compatible televisions soon, the lot of people will have
HD and 3D compatible televisions in their homes, making 3D post production editing and HD post
production editing more necessary.

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