Monday, June 14, 2010

Chair covers for any occasion

Experts in providing bespoke solutions for chair decoration nationwide, Special Occasions Covered specialise in creating atmospheric, themed chair covers appropriate for any occasion.

Available for hire, chair covers from Special Occasions Covered are perfect for instating a sense of luxury into any event, and can be colour co-ordinated from a choice of various organza sashes.

Special Occasions Covered appreciate that the finer details can truly complement the ambience of any venue, and at the dining halls or other venues used for certain occasions, the chairs supplied at these settings can often conflict with the atmosphere or preferred decor of the occasion.

They offer a simple way to get around this issue with their chair cover hire service, which suits an array of different types of chairs to guarantee that everyone has access to extravagance for their significant event.

Having provided Wedding chair covers for weddings, birthday parties and corporate functions, Special Occasions Covered are often confronted with a broad range of different requirements from separate customers. It is for this reason that they offer organza sashes in twenty different rich colours, and the chair covers themselves in white, ivory or black; ensuring that there is a unique colour combination for everyone’s special occasion.

Decorating a venue has never been easier than with Special Occasions Covered, and their simple and elegant solution for adding long-lasting luxury is available for a nominal price. With nationwide delivery, they even conveniently deliver and re-collect the covers at a suitable time to the customer.

With a guarantee that their covers will fit 99% of chairs, you can’t go wrong with Special Occasions Covered.

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