Friday, June 4, 2010

A Prop For Everything

Having provided props for a range of high profile productions, from Hollywood films such as Harry Potter to the renowned British Hovis television advertisements, Keeley Hire have represented one of the most trusted and reliable names in the film and television property industry in the last 40 years.

A premier property supplier based in Hertfordshire, Keeley Hire or Props Hire are known as the source of one of the largest collections of movie props, props for theatre productions and those for the themed event industry – the range itself covering over 500,000 items located inside a 50,000 square foot warehouse.

Keeley Hire are acutely aware that each and every single prop used in any production has a significant effect on the overall authenticity of a performance, and credible props can make or break any main feature.

This is precisely why each and every item stocked in Keeley Hire’s covered warehouse is representative of thorough research and apt consideration for specific time-period accuracy. The props featured in their diverse selection are designed to be suitable for whatever purpose the production sees fit, and includes everything from ornate, period-themed purses to genuine brass shop-keeper’s tills.

However, not only do Keeley Hire specialise in Medieval props – they also stock props for hire that are suitable for contemporary productions, such as hot dog stands and street lighting. In fact, Keeley Hire are so committed to supplying suitable props that if clients are unable to find precisely what they are looking for from their website, the company are more than happy to produce custom items made to order.

Utilised in everything from the television to the magazine print industry, props hired from industry leaders Keeley Hire guarantee a level of verifiability and quality that is unsurpassed. To ensure that your production radiates legitimacy, consult the experts at Keeley Hire.

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