Saturday, October 9, 2010

1980s Fancy Dress Range

Generally, when people think about dressing up for a 1980s themed fancy dress party, they imagine their outfit to most likely consist of a white suit, mullet and sunglasses if they are male, or a teased blonde wig, stiletto heels and a tutu if they are female.

However, there are a much wider scope of options available if you choose to go online to select your ideal 1980’s fancy dress costume, with many ideas floating around that may have never even occurred to you.

Online fancy dress retailer Fancy Dress Ball supply eighties outfits in a range of different styles for men and women, which represent iconic musicians, television programmes, actors and films of the era, as well as outlandish or more toned down versions of popular 80s fashions.

Fans of Rod Stewart, Michael Jackson, Boy George, Madonna or even MC Hammer could dress up as their favourite 1980s pop star for the night, or film fans could opt for a Ghostbusters or Oompa Loompa costume to celebrate their favourite eighties film.

If you would prefer a comedic or humorous 80’s fancy dress costume, Fancy Dress Ball have costumes based on popular food from the eighties, such as spam, and even super Mario and Luigi costumes inspired by the video games, Bananas in Pyjamas TV show costumes, and even a Whoopie Cushion costume.

You might even decide to dress up head-to-toe as a cartoon character from popular eighties TV programmes, and become Batfink, He-Man, Jess the Cat from Postman Pat or even Dangermouse for the evening.

Fancy Dress Ball also sell a range of 80s-themed accessories and wigs to help complete your chosen 80s outfits, and make them more unique and modified to suit your personal style, should you choose to go down the costume avenue of tell-tale 1980s fashion.

If you are stuck for ideas for your next eighties costume party, consult Fancy Dress Ball for inspiration.

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